is a company which has entered the piano market in 2008. Our company is based in the heart of Poland - the oldest recorded town named Kalisz. The place famous for the piano building company ‘Calisia’. Our customers constitute a certain group of people who share the same goal as we do – that is focus on the quality. They can always rely on our individual approach to each of them, which builds the indispensable trust.









O U R   C O M P A N Y   D E A L S   W I T H :

- upright and grand piano restoration

- parts making

- loudspeakers renovation / painting

- harps restoration

- furniture restoration

- replica furniture



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Case renovation

The first thing that a customer can see is the case. That is why we cannot afford any mistakes. We do our best so that the case is always as smooth and shiny as a mirror surface. When the piano reaches our premises we carefully watch the piano and take decisions concerning its renovation, including our customers’ hints.

Acoustic renovation

The sound that is produced by a soundbaord and strings makes a customer fall in love with the piano and that is why its restoration is of the greatest significance.. That is why we pay a lot of attention to each tiny detail.



In order to provide our customers with high quality complete restoration of a piano we order interchangeable parts only at well-known manufacturers, like Renner, Abel or Meyne, On reuqest, Steinway or Bechstein parts are also available.



AD Pianos offers its customers professional loudspeakers’ workmanship. We provide all types of finish in all the colours and veneers. Our customers are offered also an opportunity to opt from a variety of original paintings painted by a professional painter or unique finishes created by our creative graphic design expert.


Our company also deals with all types of antique furniture restoration. We carry out the restoration step by step, like in the old times so that the furniture regains its former beauty. We repair the defects, match new finish and hinges, and addionaly make brand new missing parts (like a missing chair). On special request, we also save patine which makes the furniture look unique and splendour, untouched by the lapse of time. We also make quaint decor furniture, like custome-made lamps or unique wooden and brass sculptures.


AD Pianos takes also pride in antique harps renovation. All the instruments are carefully watched and later on supervised by a restorer.  The existing paintings are restored step by step like in the original version, including all the original materials, including real gold. We believe that each instrument has the right to regain its splendour and beauty.