8 years on the market

P   I   A   N   O   S

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- upright and grand piano restoration

- parts making

- bench or stools manufacturing

- loudspeakers renovation / painting

- harps restoration

- furniture restoration

- replica furniture

O U R   C O M P A N Y   D E A L S   W I T H :



AD Pianos is a company which has entered the piano market in 2008. Our company is based in the heart of Poland - the oldest recorded town named Kalisz. A place famous for the piano building company called ‘Calisia’. It is the place where you can strongly feel the connection between music and everyday life.


Our customers constitute a certain group of people who share the same goal as we do – that is focus on the quality. They can always rely on our individual approach to each of them, which builds up the indispensable trust.

Each customer and each piano is treated individually. We believe we are all different and we take advantage of the differences to prepare the most beneficial estimates.


Our company has a stable position on the Polish, as well as European markets. Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations. We work with precision. We are a team of highly qualified technicians who have gained their experience from a well-known and esteemed piano manufacturer 'Calisia'.

We work in a hospitable climate, which enables us to build friendy business connections.


Each year we are happy to welcome new, satisfied customers. The trust, which we have been endowed by our customers makes us constantly improve our skills and widen our business knowledge. Trying to keep up to the recent market changes, we work productively and logistically.











We make our customers' refined dreams come true. We treat each order individually, trying to adjust to untypical and original customers' requirements: a great variety of colour finishings, goldings, sculptures, marquetry or even paintings.

Everything from a gentle case touch to a complete rebuilt.


While acoustic restoration we focus on precision, bearing in mind that the soundboard restoration or stringing has a great influence on a later co-operation of an instrument with a musician. A frame restoration is just an aesthetic element, however, how important, knowing that it has to hold such a tension. We make sure it works and looks good.

Concerning acoustic restoration we work with a well-known strings manufacturer – Heller.


Our reliability harmonises with accuracy, care and precision of the action workmanship. The quality is always of the greatest importance, especially taking into account the fact that instruments have souls and emit sound, which moves imagination of an expert or virtuoso.

Concerning action restoration, we use parts of well-known producers, like Steinway & Sons, Abel or Renner. We can restore the ivory or simply change used one to new plexi or taran keycovers.





antique reppair



Originality is the art of a skillful and competent choice. Loudspeakers renovation as well as manufacturing is a creation of a customer's imagination and his or her individual expectations. We take part in a plan fruition by means of a precise case finishing, use of high quality materials in the production process and a wide range of veneers.


Missing one chair in your set of furniture? Then you found reliable people to restock your house equipment.

We provide a high quality antique furniture restoration, replica and new designs making (custom made furniture and sculptures). We make new missing or badly destroyed parts, either wooden or metal ones.

We can suggest a great variety of case finishings, diversified scheme of colours, goldings and paintings.


Make up your own design and we will make it real.


AD Pianos takes also pride in antique harps renovation.

We always welcome our customers' original and finessed ideas concerning resoration items. We do take care of each tiny detail, which becomes a part of the whole. While restoring harps, we act step by step like in old times. We try to keep the 'old look' only by restoring the instruments (we use 24 carat gold, make missing sculptures and all the other parts, polish all fancy brass elements, refresh the paintings and use original strings made of guts).


We believe that each instrument has the right to regain its splendour and beauty.